Mathematical and Data Processing Algorithm Development. High Performance Software System Design and Implementation



SegmentSoft Inc. does consulting and provides efficient mathematical and software solutions for challenging composite problems in different areas of science and technology, financial industry (programming trading, investment performance management, mortgage and annuities related computations, risk valuation, performance attribution) 

Our Mission

Algorithm development:

  • Mathematical, data processing, data interpretation algorithms. Areas of application: investment performance measurement; biology, biophysics; computer science (interprosess communication); remote sensing.

  • Modeling of different phenomena and processes: growth and reproduction of living organisms; models of population dynamics; electrodynamics.

  • Statistical applications: statistical modeling; statistical inference in biostatistics (longitudinal data analysis, multiple outcome data, classification, ranking); development and application of statistical methods.

Software design and implementation

  • High performance software libraries for business, scientific, high-tech computations.

  • High performance and mission critical system design and implementation.

We concentrate on two related activities. One is development of mathematical models which adequately describe real phenomena and processes in different areas of technology, such as remote sensing, wave propagation, physics, biology, as well as mathematical modeling of financial instruments and solving related problems using advanced mathematical approaches.

    The traditional company's activity is software system development, some of which implement mathematical and computational algorithms that we develop. We design and implement middle and large scale high performance and mission critical software systems. This includes high tech, logistics, resource management projects for Canon, i2, CA, HP and other high tech companies, and financial systems (programming trading, investment performance measurement systems, lending applications, insurance business. List of clients includes Royal Bank of Canada, Acquisition Group, Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, etc.

SegmentSoft Inc. Profile

    SegmentSoft Inc. started in February 1997 as a partnership to subcontract first logistics related projects with i2 Company (former Intertrans Logistics Solutions). The area of specialization was high performance distributed server applications, involving development of efficient mathematical data processing and logistics algorithms. SegmentSoft Inc. was incorporated in February 2000.

    We develop mathematical methods and computational algorithms for financial industry. We also do modeling of technological processes, develop computational algorithms for scientific and industrial applications in remote sensing, biology, physics, biophysics, collaborate with research establishments such as Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. We also do intensive research in financial mathematics. Results of these studies were reported at important international forums, such as meetings and conferences of European Bond Commission, scientific conferences. Many results of research have been published in reputable international journals; we also publish books on financial mathematics, mathematical modeling. The list of books can be found on the publisher's website.


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